Insurance Claim Facilitation/Product Warranty

Are you having trouble getting your insurance loss paid for accurately?  Do you feel like you are fighting for every penny you are entitled to under your insurance claim?  We can help.  Everyday we work with insurance companies, adjusters and claims team supervisors to aid the facilitation of claims for homeowners and claimants.

We have working relationships with every insurance company.  In our office we have a past insurance adjuster (decade career) who is skilled in claims, understands the Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act, and understands the relationship with the Nebraska Department of Insurance.

We regularly get claims issues resolved, local competitive pricing pre-approved and handle supplement requests.  There is not another contractor who has the capability to resolve your insurance loss favorably so that you are put in a pre-loss condition and receive what is owed to you under your policy provisions.  It’s your policy – you paid for it, sometimes for years without a claim, and you are entitled to the benefits of the policy during a loss.

We can help you get your loss settled accurately and fairly!

Hunt’s Construction has over 25 years experience working with insurance carriers to facilitate the completion of claim repairs.  Again, we employ a past insurance adjuster with a decade of claims experience.

We work will all insurance carriers and coordinate with your adjuster so that the most difficult decision that you face during repairs is what color of material you prefer!

Insurance claim facilitation is billed hourly and the amount is credited back if the homeowner performs the repair work with us.

We also help facilitate material warranty claims for shingles, siding and other construction materials.  We have experience aiding to get your defective material replaced from the manufacturer.


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